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ARA9 Air Purifier



  1. BLDC brushless DC variable frequency motors, quiet operation and energy saving.
  2. Air quality detection system: It can automatically detect fine suspended particulates PM2.5, monitor indoor dust, organic volatiles, bacteria, pet dander, and automatically perform the best air purification function.
  3. The whole machine can remove nicotine up to 91.4% in one hour. (Tested by SGS)
  4. CADR: 133 CFM or 226.1 CMH 
  5. The amount of ozone released by the whole machine is 0.0042 ppm, which is far lower than the international safety standard of 0.05 ppm, and will not cause negative effects on the human body.
  6. Three fan speeds
  7. With WiFi App, it can control everywhere and anytime.
  8. With Negative Ion Generator: By releasing big amount of negative ion, air quality is greatly improved.
  9. With deodorant filter to refresh air.