How long does the battery last? Is it possible to replace the battery by myself?

When operating the vacuum under normal conditions, the battery should remain above 80% of its original capacity after around 500 charges or 2 years. Depending on the normal working time of the vacuum (which may vary per household), it is recommended to replace the battery when the working time falls below 40 minutes. A replacement battery can be purchased on Amazon or the Miravac website.

The side brush is curly (not straight), what do I do?

If it becomes curly, you can put it in a container of hot water at around 150° Fahrenheit for 20 seconds, then take it out and put on a flat surface to cool off. Once it has cooled, the brush should flatten out.

How long does it take for the MIRAVAC robots to charge

It typically takes around 4~6 hours to charge the vacuum from empty to full.

I’ve charged the vacuum but didn’t use it until the next day and it ran out power after only a few minutes, why?

Please make sure the power switch on the vacuum is turned off if the charging dock is unplugged. Otherwise, the vacuum will idle and drain the battery.

Why isn’t my remote control working?

Please first make sure the clear plastic separation strip on the remote is removed. Also when using the remote, you must aim it at the IR receiver on the front of the vacuum. Note that when the vacuum is working near the docking station, the IR emitted from the docking station might affect the signals coming from the remote control.

How often do I need to replace the filter? Can a filter be used repeatedly? Where can replacement filters be purchased?

If the filter is dirty, rinse it underneath a faucet to clean the filter. It can be used again once the filter has been dried. The filter will need to be replaced when you start to notice holes on it. Replacement filters can be purchased on Amazon.

The vacuum is not docking properly by itself, what do I do?

Try moving the docking station to another location more central to the cleaning area. Also, make sure there are at least 20 inches or half a meter of empty space to the left and right of the docking station and at least 1 meter of empty space in the front of the docking station.

Does the invisible wall need to be charged?

No, the invisible wall uses four AA batteries and needs be turned on to function.