Bring your new cleaning robot home


SWERVE comes with large wheels and a multi-surface roller brush that will pick up any large debris on the floor. This helps with an optimal deep cleaning of thick carpets and rugs. 

2 Colors Available



LOOP is your floor’s new best friend. With the smart adaptive system for any environment, great suction power from 800Pa to 1800Pa, and contour following nozzle to ensure accurate cleaning results, LOOP is the most affordable advanced robotic vacuum for thin carpet and hard floors on the market.

1 Color Available


Meet MIRAVAC Robots

MIRAVAC robotic vacuum cleaners come in two models: LOOP and SWERVE.
The clean design, attractive price point and varying features are there to suit your needs.

Hair & Dust Sensor

The Dust Sensor feature detects the dirtiest parts of the floor and guides the robot to spend more time cleaning those areas.

Powerful Turbo Suction

With a pressure of 1800Pa, the HyperClean suction will securely and rigorously collect dust and tiny particles to keep floors clean.

Smart Adaptive Technology

The Smart Adaptive Detection System adequately equips MIRAVAC robots for automated cleaning and charging for home.

Object Avoidance System

With Object Avoidance System that detects cliffs, MIRAVAC robots are able to avoid cliffs and any unexpected obstacles.

Signature HyperClean Technology

Check out our video to see how HyperClean Technology really works

Why Choose MIRAVAC?

Automate your cleaning routine. Robotic vacuum with powerful turbo suction at an incredible price. Perfect for pet owners.

  • Cleans Softly & Quietly

    Advanced motor significantly reduces vacuuming noise.

  • Pet Friendly Robot

    MIRAVAC Robots are designed to clean any pet hair from dogs and cats.

  • Relax & Enjoy Free Time

    Let MIRAVAC robots clean your house while you sit back and relax.