About Us

We wanted people to experience the benefits of modern cleaning automation, without the ridiculous price point, so we created MIRAVAC.

MIRAVAC is the perfect balance of quality engineering and affordability designed to be the ultimate in home cleaning technology. We have created our device to include everything needed from a robot vacuum. You can use MIRAVAC on all home floor surfaces to keep your home looking fresh everyday. Sit back and enjoy a clean home while the technology does the work.

Adam and David are co-founders of MIRAVAC and have been friends since an early age. Their paths crossed several times throughout the years before an opportunity to partner presented itself. Their unique position (one lives internationally and the other domestically) and blend of experience as well as passion helped them introduce MIRAVAC to the world - cleaning solutions that afford the consumer a modern design, exceptional value and most importantly the peace of mind only a robot vacuum can offer. The rest is history.